Memorial Day / Project Healing Waters

My life moves forward - I go to work, I raise my son, and I spend time on the river, pursuing a hobby that provides me the comfort and rewards that only another angler can appreciate.

Yeah, my life is pretty simple, and it is that way because others have made sacrifices throughout the years. They've left their friends and families to go to far away places to perform their duty so that others, like myself, can ponder something as trivial as the recipe of the next fly.

Most will return home, while far too many have not. So this weekend, take a moment to thank those (past and present) that have served, and to honor all of those who have died - let their families know that you care, and appreciate, the sacrifices that have been made.

And while you're at it, check out Project Healing Waters, a program initiated and conducted by members of the Federation of Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited. It serves military personnel who have been injured or disabled, and helps aid their physical and emotional recovery by introducing (or rebuilding) the skills of fly fishing and fly tying.


Anonymous said...

Amen broher

Linda said...

A good thing to do for sure -I have made it a habit to thank those I see in uniform at the store or the library- and they are always so appreciative of the acknowledgments.

Hope you have time to get out there this weekend to catch your fish (the same one I believe that appears in all your videos :)ENJOY!

Colorado Angler said...

HA! No...no fishing this weekend. Tristan and I have plans - movies, rec center, and grilling all weekend. BUT...next week I will be out there - just got some new gear (out of necessity, mind you) and am dying to try it out.

So the stunt fish will have to stay in his tank for at least another week. : )