Angling Antithesis

Wow, I got lucky. No, not like that...I'm talking about fishing. As in, I've been able to get out on the water twice this month.

And although I'm not one to stare a gift-horse in the mouth (unless said horse gives the appearance of being able to sing in a disturbing fashion*), I can't help but wonder what price I'm destined to pay for this miraculous gift...

First born? The chewed-up remnants of my soul? Having to sit through a Dane Cook special?

*And let me add that, while I find 'talking animals' seductively freaky, puppets are in a class unto themselves - and this video is no exception.

My schedule, as of late, has cooled down some, and I've managed to slip into a nice holding pattern, which suites me just fine, since I've got a laundry list of items that still needs doing.

And at the top o' that list, is getting my rod(s) repaired. Which I've been procrastinating on, because...let's be honest here, I'm an idiot.

Since I've managed to be stupid and haven't sent the broken ones in yet, I guess I'll just have to pony up for a new stick. And for those of you keeping track, that's two equine references thus far. I kick ass!

Good thing I know people...as in, folks that sell fly fishing stuff. Granted, it's probably not as beneficial as knowing someone that's in, say...the mafia, but it'll have to do for now, being that I'm in the market for a rod, not a pair of 'concrete shoes'.

Sporting 9-feet of TFO fast-action equalization (thanks M!), I was more than ready for a day of poking chubbies, come rain, sleet, snow or arterial spray. Well, maybe not the snow, since the roads can get treacherous in those conditions.

While I'm not one for checking flows or fishing reports (since I suck regardless of the conditions) I do check the weather, as this will tell me what kind of food I should pack (bet you've never heard THAT before).

And taking a peek at the forecast, it was looking fairly promising...until the weekend. Those darn Amish did it to me again.

After a less-than-stellar winter, that saw limited time on the water, I'm looking at that forecast and salivating like a stray in a butcher shop. What to do? Enjoy a day of spring-like temps, or wait and hit the river in cooler conditions?

I hate making decisions....so instead, I decided to let Fate determine my course of action - a vulgar display of decision-making power, as demonstrated by me. Yea, me!

My relationship with Fate has been a love/hate sort of deal...okay, mostly hate. Especially when she's been hitting the sauce - then it gets really ugly.

But this time around, she was purring like a kitten and much kinder to me than usual, and she got me to the water on a spectacular day...which, again, makes me suspicious as hell and a little uneasy.

While the temps were going to be pushing close to 70 along the front range, early morning in the canyon was brutally cold. All of my gear wound up with a generous coat of hoar frost - my line and guides were practically useless due to the ice build-up, and the felt-inserts on my boots kept freezing to the rock I was standing on.

Before the sun rose, it was more about 'survival' than actually fishing. I only managed one hook-up that first hour, and thanks to frozen gloves, frigid lines and ice on the rock that I was using as a perch, it turned into a comedy of errors and my catch eventually shook the hook to freedom.

After some hot cider (ahhhh!) and a little timeout to get the circulation going, I was ready to hit it just as the sun was lighting the canyon. Actually, I hit it out of the park.

Smashed a nice-sized 'bow on a Zebra, lost another when the knot on my fly came undone (knot-tying FAIL) , popped a hook on another...

...and then, somewhere around noon-ish, the bugaloos were swarming and the smaller fish went ape-shit. They were all over - sipping from the top, taking from below and hammering the goods in the middle. It was a feeding frenzy that continued, on and off, for the better part of two hours.

Looking back on it now, I wish I would have stopped to get some footage...it was quite the sight.

Instead, I pulled most of my weight, greased up a #26 RS2 (tan) and proceeded to pick them off, one by one. They were all in the 10-14 inch range, so I didn't even bother with the net (or camera) - just stripped the line in, popped the hook, and cast again.

Lather, rinse, repeat. It was a kick in the pants, since the little fellas really think they're tough and fight like hell to get away - unadulterated entertainment, plain and simple.

After that, I rolled a couple more decent-sized fish, and then decided to call it a day. The Fish Gods saw fit to bless me with an epic outing, so there's no sense in being overly greedy.

This time out I didn't lose any fish to the rocks on either side of me...came close one time with a pissy little brown, but I eventually won out. So take THAT you stoopid over-achieving pebbles...

I also managed to foul-hook two fish - which I don't count. However, I figure that's not too bad considering that this was my first full day of fishing sans an indicator. I'm trying to wean myself off of using them, and simply trusting in the power of the 'dark arts' to guide my fishing.

Another note-worthy piece - I went a whole day with some heavy action and never snapped my line. Which tweaks my melon, since I was throwing 7x instead of my usual 5x. That stuff actually held up to the rocks and punishment better than the heavier line. Go figure.

So...two trips in March, one was great, with the other being exceptional. A little tough to follow up those two performances, unless I can somehow manage to incorporate a singing horse and some puppets into the next outing.


Bigerrfish said...

Nice day Ron,,,
I likeed the intro seeing how you hardly show your face... was the water a little off? looks like it. thats alot of fish from one little spot.
I bump into alot of cool people on the web always talkin bout going fishin together. I dont feel the need to make it litteraly happen with anyone,,, exept you dude,, Right... we dont really know eachother but Ron I have a wild intuition with people and all the stars point to you as someone I need to formally meet,, we seem opposite in so many aspects but so the same and this may be a reasion in it self to meet up. (dont be shy)
I would really like to spend a day on the river with you man.. I often wonder if that will ever really go down..
I need you to remember one of our first conversations.... This sport is in no way a compitition sport for me. I would never race anyone to a honey hole.. Once a fly rod is in a hand, were all bad ass.

Correct me if needed but.. do you have a lack of confidence somewhere that keeps you talking shit about yourself. If so it would be nice to see that taper off someday. sometimes my confidence goes the other direction, and drives people away, those people are gone, usually for good. I hope you haven't been negitively effected by me in that way... I am probably wondering too far away from the river at this point Ron... so Nice video footage, nice fish, and good luck with the repairs.. see ya

Colorado Angler said...

Thanks for the kind words, Josh. And you’re right, we do need to fish – and we will.
Last year’s plans got shot to hell in a big hurry and, provided it doesn’t happen again
this year, we’ll be making the trek down there to roll some hogs.

Yeah, that’s been a productive hole – spent the entire day in the same spot – pick off
one fish, and another moved in to take it’s place. There’s a lot of sheltered runs in that
stretch that hold a lot of fish, both big and small, so you’ve got a lot of targets and
different water from which to choose.

Actually, the water was clearer than it was the last time out – flows were down some, as
well, but that should be changing here in short order.

Ah, the self-deprecating humor…’ware your steps, lest you fall into the trap, Josh!

My sense of humor is darker than the bowels of Hell. And since this is not the place
in which to show it, I try to keep my posts as light as possible, while staying true to
the subject.

But it’s difficult, and at times (ok, a lot of times) you’ll see elements of deductive
fallacy, surreal/fatalistic humor and lots of derailment that bleed on over. Initially,
I tried to make sure this didn’t happen, but after some thought, I realized that it’s
not being fair to myself – and that it’s ok to add a little humility to an otherwise
stuffy sport, which is sorely lacking in originality.

The day I take myself too seriously, is the day I will hang it up. Until then, I’ll continue
to wear white sport socks with a suit while systematically hounding the sheep.

Some folks will ‘get it’ and others will not. No fault in either direction, since we all
see things differently.

Amongst the hyperbole and red herrings lies the truth…one just needs to look at it
from a different angle to see it.

Ado said...

As always, well done. It looks a little warmer then when we were in the canyon last Sunday ;)

Colorado Angler said...

Ado - yeah, ya'll were were dealing with some blustery conditions.

Aside from some single-digit temps in the morning, it was a fantastic day to be on the water by the afternoon.

m said...

looks like the new rod worked good.

Colorado Angler said...

It worked great! Thanks a ton!

Brandon said...

well done - looks like you had a great day - better than our cold day! congrats again!

Colorado Angler said...

Thanks Brandon - it was a great day.

Yeah, you guys were dealing with some blustery weather - Spring can't get here fast enough!

Unknown said...

Wowser, I get busy for a couple of months and then BAM, you've posted like 4 new blogs!

Looks like you can't complain about your winter too much.

It makes me giddy as a school girl when I hear about fish rising for 2 hours and you using 7x the whole time. I love it when I can sight nymph without and indicator, but the west is not as conducive as the slower moving spring creeks of the east. In fact, Cheeseman is one of the few places I feel like you can sight nymph without an indicator (there and the black canyon is pretty good).

I'm trying to make it that way in the next month or so. I'll drop you a line if I know when!

Colorado Angler said...

Overall jeff, i really can't complain...got a job, got a roof over my head and I get to fish once in a while.

All things considered, it's pretty good.

By all means, let me know when you decide to head out...I'm in and out throughout the month of April, but if I'm in town and free, count me in!

Rebecca said...

Hmm...I think the comment I meant for this entry either disappeared, or it's going to show up on the wrong entry (previous one)

Damn ~

Colorado Angler said...

HA! Rebecca, you're right..it's on the previous one.

Nah, I actually just use a video camera, and then pull frames for the pics.

Going into the Canyon is a little tough, though, since I don't want to haul a tripod - so I just try to use whatever is around, usually rocks.

Rebecca said...

You use a video camera...I hadn't thought of that. Now that leads me to this question, why don't you show us some action videos then?

You're holding out on us!

Colorado Angler said...

The nerve of me! : )