A Sequel of Decay

Spring time in the Rockies - it can get a little crazy and this year is no exception. If it hasn't been windy as hell, it's been snowing. And when it hasn't been snowing, it's been....rasnowing (thanks Outdooress!).

May? Feels more like March.

Actually, I think this year is sporting the same attitude as last year, and I'm a little worried that we'll jump from winter directly into summer, by-passing those wonderful, mild May days that seem like a long-lost memory at this point.

But the fishing has been good, so I guess I need to put my big-boy underwear on and quit my sniveling.

As usual, the night before a fishing trip is always full of activity in the misanthropic Keebler Elf tree that I call home. There is a lot of running around as I bag and stack my gear, pack my edibles for the next day, and make sure I've got all my bases covered.

With revely at 03:30, I was out of the rack and on the road by 3:45 - absorbing a massive jolt of 'WAKE THE F**K UP' compliments of ice-cold coke, a pinch of cope (slogan: it satisfies!), and Machine Head's The Blackening kicking the hell out of my cerebral cortex.

Arriving at my destination wide awake, and with my brain in the fetal position, I got geared up and wound my way to the water's edge just as it was getting light enough to see.

After several days of heavy snow and lots of rain, I was a little surprised at how low and clear the water was - aside from the trail being a little muddy, there was very little evidence of the past days storm.

I started the morning at the fence-line, and walked upriver, looking for some easy targets and, not finding any, I decided to drift my line through a convenient seam just for grins.

And I nailed one. A nice one, too. And then he popped the hook. Ah well...time to move upriver to some deeper water.

Throughout the morning, it was a see-saw battle between the fish and my 7x - hit one, and the line would snap. Hit another...and I would get him to net. Stick one more and he would pop the hook. It basically went on like this for most of the morning, and I eventually wound up losing all 10 of the 'experimental' flies that I had tied the night before.

Which reminds me - since I left so many of those up on the river, I'm going to be posting that pattern soon, since someone is bound to find one in the mouth of a fish anyway.

Up until about 11 in the morning, the water was low and clear. By noon, it was becoming a little discolored, and by 1 pm, it had risen quite a bit and was as thick as soup. No kidding - there was so much junk floating in the water, it was impossible to fish.

Aside from not being able to see anything, one drift and the line, split-shot and fly were wrapped in thick green moss and other assorted goodies. Essentially the day was over by early afternoon.

Which wasn't a bad thing - I was feeling a bit tired, having only had a few hours of sleep - so getting home a little early was a bonus. And going home early with a stinky net is even better.


Bigerrfish said...

hell of a day!! There was a rainbow there with some grunt! sweet spots on that fish... That was wild how the flows ramped up on you!!! that would have been fun... trying to figure out how to keep catching fish with the water like that would keep me buzy till dark.... wonder what the fishing was like the very next morning... aquatic animals everywhere!!!!

Nice job Ron, and double nice on the fish after the flows went up!!

hopefully we can hook up in the next month or two.

Zach said...

Looks like you had a great day and caught some fatties. I don't know how you get going so early. I rarely make it on the water before noon. Impressive.

Colorado Angler said...

@ Josh - Thanks! Yeah, it was a little strange with the flows - I noticed a change around 11 or so in the morning...and by 1 the water was nasty.

The last fish I caught was on Troy's pole - he was letting me try it out (a 5wt, 9' Winston)...and it was like trying to cast with a 2x4. STIFF, compared to my TFO.

Was basically just goofing around - he had a San Juan tied up (because of the flows) and I wound up nailing that sucka at the end of a very tight-lined drift.

Which surprised me, given the junk that was piled up on the flies and line.

Soon, my friend...within the next few months we'll do it - I'll keep you posted on my schedule.

@ Zach - it was a great day...while it lasted. Could have possibly even turned out better than my last outing had the water held...

Getting up early - trust me, my body hates it. But when it comes to fishing, man, I just get so damn worked up, that sleep is secondary.

But it does take a lot to get me going...usually the first hour or so is spent taking in as much caffeine and cope as my body can handle. My musical selection helps, too!

SM said...

looks like you had a great time. be careful of those rivers and spring runoff!

Colorado Angler said...

Sean - yeah, it can be a bit dangerous, especially when they really open the gates.

Over the next month I expect we'll be seeing the high-water marks and fast currents that are common at this time of year here in CO.

nick said...

dude hell yeah, i am definitely missin the homewaters of the platte. looks like you bagged some good fish and shit all day! right on!

Colorado Angler said...

Yeah, Nick it was a great morning, until the river got blown out. But, it's that time of year and we're all suffering a little right now!

Rebecca said...

Damn that rasnowing! I hear you about the winter going straight into summer without the beauty and grace of a sweet spring. The weather has acted like what I would call a hormonal chick lately. Unpredictable, testy, teasing and humorless. I'm hoping this next weekend of fishing will show me some nice sun.
Looks like a great day despite the weather. Stinky net, lost flies and all.....

Colorado Angler said...

Rebecca - you got it right on the weather - and as of right now, we've jumped right into summer with temps pushing close to the 100s. Another year with little to no spring.

Idaho and my old home (the PNW) has been getting blasted by rainy weather...hope it clears out for all of you up there and you can at least get some decent weather to hit the river with!