Semi Epic

Yup. Semi epic. Well, I caught some fish...but since I forgot my net at home, I couldn't get any pictures or video since it was all about trying to get them close enough to remove the hook...and then release them immediately since there was no way I could get any pictures.

Some were average-sized, a couple were big (and snapped my 7x like always). Ah, the 7x - - flows were down and the fish were skittish. Seriously skittish. 5x freaked them out. 6x sort of tweaked their melons. 7 x...well, some fell for it.

And this one, I caught right after I replaced my line from the previous tank that broke me off. Fortunately, there were a couple of folks down river that let me borrow their net. The gentleman was also nice enough to be a hand model so I could get a clean shot of the 'bow (top image).

BDSP (olive version) strikes again.


Bigerrfish said...

Yea boy!! Hand models, broken 7x, no net, bright shirts, yep sounds simi epic to me!! now go get a weeks worth the rest and let the fish settle down, in other words dont remind them about the bdsp for a while..

Unknown said...

I hate it when I forget gear at home but a net is something you can still fish without. the last time I forgot something it was my two boxes of flies sitting on the kitchen table... Now there is not much you can do there. So pissed I nearly broke my toe on my jeep.

Colorado Angler said...

@ Josh - it was a weird day all around. AND...when I got home, I couldn't find my net there, either. So it's been lost somewhere between here and the Taylor River.

Time to buy a new net.

@ Joel - haaa! Sorry...don't mean to laugh, but you have to admit, that's pretty funny. Both boxes of flies? I've left my fair share of stuff at home, too, so we're all in good company.

A guy I used to fish with...forgot his ROD one trip. No kidding...he took a stick and attached some leader to it...and was flinging his line with it...AND SNAGGED A FISH.

The stick broke, but still...

Rebecca said...

I used 6x today for awhile, but when my limited supply of magic flies kept breaking off, I switched to 5x and the fish (today) didn't seem to care. I can only imagine how fast I would have broke off with 7x.

Nice model by the way ~ Both of you =)

Colorado Angler said...

HA! I assume you're referring to the fish?

Ah geez...yeah, the curse of the 6/7x...it's been hanging around my neck for the better part of the summer.

Glad to hear you got away with dropping to 5x..especially with some of those fish you're pulling in.

Sure am glad to see someone is netting the bigguns! Way to go, Garlock!

nick said...

i dont know how you deal with that 7x nonsense haha. i cant take that. i tie some rope to flies and hang on haha

Bill Trussell said...

I have found if its not the net it always something else. You are not alone.

Colorado Angler said...

@ Nick - yeah, the water you fish you can get away with slinging rope! I've said it before, I need to pay you a visit. Toss an ice-cold pony keg your way and get you to put me on some fish!

And Nick...don't hate the 7x too much...next time you're back home and you hit the canyon you may need some!

@ Bill - isn't that the truth? Although this time, the net is actually gone. For real. I think we may have left it on the Taylor a few weeks back.

nick said...

touche buddy, i hear ya on that 7x shit, but i may just hit the dream and throw mice on 0x and look for the true killer haha. you are probably alot better at the small tippet game than myself haha.

shit i'll do it for a 12 pack and good company pal!